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I use a reliable Audi where my 4-legged friends have their own seat, doggy seatbelt and a  sunny view (well we can live in hope ... it is Aberdeen). Dogs are walked in a maximum group of 4, sometimes alongside my fluff ball Stephen. 

I offer a free initial consultation at your own home allowing me to meet you and your dog in a comfortable environment. We can discuss any requirements you or your dog may have and answer any questions. 

My name is Leighann. I am an enthusiastic dog walker living in Aberdeen. I have been a dog walker in my spare time for friends, family and neighbours in Aberdeen for many years alongside my trusty sidekick Stephen; my 6 year old Bichon Frise. I have been lucky enough to get away from the computer and out into the fresh air to turn my passion into a full time career.

Aberdeens first and only dog walker dedicated to small dogs

Choosing a dog walker can be a tough decision, I have been there myself.  In a non-regulated industry, TRUST is so important. Stephen has always been more than a family pet to me and the thought of letting go and trusting someone else with his care was difficult at first; but the benefits to both our lives surprised me and I never looked back.

Allowing your dog to exercise with other dogs not only takes a weight off your mind during the day but results in a calmer dog when you return home in the evening and goes along way to improving their social skills. Running, sniffing and investigating with their own kind stimulates their physical and mental needs; this equals to one happy, content and better behaved pooch.  (Most of the time!)

Aberdeen dog walking

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I live just beside Westburn Park, Aberdeen city and cover all local areas. As its just me and my Bichon Stephen I am able to offer a personal and tailored dog walking service.

I am  a fully insured and doggy first aid qualified dog walker. I am also currently enrolled on a small animal care course.